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Our Team Has Some of the Best Certifications

With lots of courses under our belt, the MGB team has marketing and web development certications from the best online platforms.

The One and Only Process

We cover every aspect and step it takes to build what you need. Our process is designed to give you the best shot at success.


1. Brief

Don't underestimate the power of a good brief. This is where we have a transparent meeting to ensure the project begins on the right foot and meets your expectations.


2. Plan

We set the stage for the entire project by researching and preparing the foundation. This is what the design and development will be based on.


3. Design

Our designers will envision a variety of creative artwork prototypes to allow you to choose the look you want. At this part, the visual look of the website takes shape.


3. Develop

The web development phase converts the creative version into reality. This is where we build the website's functionality based on your feature requirements and goals.


3. Test & Deploy

Here we will make final touches and move the site to your live server. We will also implement any deliverables and documentations that we have designed.


3. Improve

Ongoing maintenence is a must, both for ensuring techincal support but also to allow for optimizing existing and new design elements, features, and content you may want.

At MGB, We Never Stop Learning.

We believe that we succeed when our clients succeed.

Hi, my name is Cristian Romero and I am the founder of MadGeniusBlink. I have years of experience when it comes to marketing, business, and web development. I never settle for anything less than perfection and make sure that each of my clients are always satisfied.

I started MadGeniusBlink because I believe that by creating great systems, using the right tools, and the right people, a company can do anything. There is something special when it comes to our process to create a website, an application, tools, and systemizing processes. You will be amazed by the time and effort we put into your project and the results that come out of it.

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Mobile App Development

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What We Specialize In

Have a look, some could be interesting to help you achieve your business goals or start that project you always wanted to do... Yes, that one!


Web Development

Using the latest frameworks and platforms, we can develop you a static website or web app. Whether it is an e-commerce store or a website to showcase your services, we got you covered.

90% Success Rate

UI/UX Design

Design isn't everything but it sure is close. We make sure that when it comes to designing your site or app on Figma, that it's look is based on your target audience, brand, and what your goals are.

85% Success Rate


When you need a little push in the right direction, we can get you there. Specializing in business consultation, it is one of our most popular services. We will help you shape your business model, give you the best tips and advice, and help you build it too.

90% Success Rate

Mobile Application

If you have a mobile app you want to develop, you're in the right place. We will use the best tools, like Flutter, to design and develop your application and make it come to reality. So let us help you build your dream app as you watch and tell us what your goals are.

80% Success Rate

Decentralized Application

If you're looking to create a DAPP, let's get started! We focus on smart and tailored decentralized ethereum apps (Dapps) based on blockchain technology that are scalable, advanced and high-proficient.

70% Success Rate

Do you have a project you have in mind?

Reach out to us so we can started and talk about your project. We will give you our expertise while we learn about your goals and help you get there.

What Our Clients Say

Take a look at what our clients have to say about working with us. We aim to please and provide each customer with exactly what they want.

We can build your story.

Through the years we have partnered with great companies and entrepreneurs all over the world.


Let’s Work Together

If you have a website or mobile app idea in mind or you need some advice about product design, feel free to contact us. Currently our time books quickly, so the sooner you write, the better it is for both of us.

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